I’m Alice, a designer and copywriter based in Barcelona, working with words, color combinations and odd textures.
I can help you make your idea stand out, whether through illustrations, words or photos. 


My fields of expertise are illustration, copywriting and styling. I like to tell stories
and visualize ideas, to create a world where you can feel at ease, that can trigger your imagination or soothe your emotions.

I am always up for crazy and interesting projects, challenging collaborations or a good cup of coffee. Don’t be a stranger and send me an email

• solo exhibition Diosas Imperfectas
Garage Beer Co, Barcelona (Es), 2019

• collective exhibition No Borders Refugees
Miscelanea, Barcelona (Es), 2019
• exhibition Using what’s there with Marblematter
Espacio88, Barcelona (Es), 2019
• solo exhibition Finisterrae
El Diluvio Universal, Barcelona (Es), 2019
• solo exhibition L’ora dorata
Espacio 88, Barcelona (Es), 2018
• book presentation One pea in a pod
American Book Center, Amsterdam (NL), 2017
• solo exhibition Ricordi di mare
The Thinking Hut, Amsterdam (NL), 2016

UAU festival d’illustrazione
  Bergamo (IT), June 2019
Miscelanea Dress Your Wall
  Barcelona (ES), December 2018
 • All Those Food Market
Barcelona (ES), December 2018