I’m Alice, a designer and copywriter based in Barcelona, working with words, color combinations and odd textures.
I can help you make your idea stand out, whether through illustrations, words or photos. 


My fields of expertise are illustration, copywriting and styling. I like to tell stories
and visualize ideas, to create a world where you can feel at ease, that can trigger your imagination or soothe your emotions.

I am always up for crazy and interesting projects, challenging collaborations or a good cup of coffee. Don’t be a stranger and send me an email

• solo exhibition Diosas Imperfectas
Garage Beer Co, Barcelona (Es), 2019
• collective exhibition No Borders Refugees
Miscelanea, Barcelona (Es), 2019
• exhibition Using what’s there with Marblematter
Espacio88, Barcelona (Es), 2019
• solo exhibition Finisterrae
El Diluvio Universal, Barcelona (Es), 2019
• solo exhibition L’ora dorata
Espacio 88, Barcelona (Es), 2018
• book presentation One pea in a pod
American Book Center, Amsterdam (NL), 2017
• solo exhibition Ricordi di mare
The Thinking Hut, Amsterdam (NL), 2016

Capsula Design Market
  Bologna (IT), June 2019
UAU festival d’illustrazione
  Bergamo (IT), June 2019
Miscelanea Dress Your Wall
  Barcelona (ES), December 2018
 • All Those Food Market
Barcelona (ES), December 2018