Using what’s there
Expo at Espacio88, in collaboration with Marble Matter

Using What’s There is a sustainable textile collaboration together with Marble Matter. The project aims to show people how easily beautiful textures, colors and shapes can be sourced in what we often categorize as waste. Our four tapestries are made entirely out of natural fiber scraps from Marble Matter. I respected the shapes of the cut offs when designing the organic patterns, which is why you can observe a number or irregular and odd forms in all of the pieces. The array of color meeting the eye, does not convey a Mediterranean palette. However, all colors are gathered in Barcelona and nearby area. You can consult the pantone swatch cards to see the origin of the various hues and tones. Looking at these pieces we want you to reflect upon the incredible opportunities waste holds, and to help you along, we have created a workshop that will encourage you do so!