Everyone loves stories
Personal ongoing textile project

Fabula, fabulae: from Latin, story, traditional tale or folktale

This collection is the result of a reflection upon the contemporary situation of the fashion industry and the issue of fast fashion.

We tend to fill our lives with clothes, but we truly love only few of them. And usually those ones have a story. A path that brought them to us and that made them unique and special. For us, not for everyone else. There are a lot, though, that we get rid of, throw away, give, hide in a cellar, stripping them of their dignity.

For this reason, every item of this collection has not been produced from scratch, but has a past. Waiting to be discovered, it has been been carefully chosen among others, and hand painted, making it unique and one of a kind, ready to continue its story in the wardrobe and heart of someone new.

Because everyone loves stories.

This is an ongoing project, that evolves according to what is found and retrieved. There are no different sizes of the same piece, and the number of the items in the collection or the typology varies all the time. The size indicated in the description is as stated inside the piece, so it could change according to the brand or the time the piece was produced. For example, an old 42-44 could correspond to a contemporary 40-42. Not always though, so bare in mind the general feeling of the shirt could be loose, unless stated differently.

If you are interested in a particular piece, you can ask to see it in person if you live here in Barcelona, or a picture can be sent you, to see how it fits.